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Meet the Clinician

Hello, this is Steve Blasen, owner and masseur of Live Well Therapeutic Massage. Thank you for considering Live Well on your path to good health and well – being. Originally from Michigan, I have worked in various industries from my family’s lumber business as a child to construction, framing houses, to owning several types of business. One very cold Michigan morning, my body shivered uncontrollably I could not get the key in the ignition, I realized I could not handle the Michigan weather much longer. With my four beautiful children transitioning into young adulthood, my dream of moving to California seemed much more attainable! After much thought and consideration for a new profession, I decided to enter the health care profession and studied massage therapy. I graduated from Everest Institute in Michigan in July of 2012.With this newfound knowledge and an adventurous spirit, I came to California to start anew.

Trained and educated in both eastern and western massage modalities, an experience with an instructor ignited my passion for neuro – muscular trigger point therapy and myofascial release therapy. My instructor asked for a volunteer with an injury so she could demonstrate a massage technique. After explaining my pre – existing right shoulder injury, she proceeded to apply pressure and manipulate my bicep tendon. She told me to take it easy on the arm for a few days and after two days my pain was gone! I remember how good I felt and how amazed I was that less than five minutes of massage therapy relieved years of pain! This is how and what I would like Live Well clients to experience and feel. When my clients tell me that I help relieve their pain, ailments, and injuries; I know I made the right career choice. It is a joy to see my clients’ health improve with the work that I do. I am grateful for the ability to help others improve their health through therapeutic massage.