Massage Therapy Is More Than Relaxing Me-Time.

19 Feb 2019

Benefits of Massage Therapy Relieve Stress Encourage Relaxation Improve Posture Improves Circulation Lower Blood Pressure Enhances Post-Operative Rehabilitation Relieves Headaches Strengthen the Immune System Promotes Deeper and Easier Breathing Schedule Appointment Now!

Myofascial Release

14 Feb 2019

Is For People W/ Tension Headache Whiplash Lower-Back Pain Tennis Elbow Golf Elbow  Would You Like some Long Term Relief? Tension Headache Whiplash    Lower-Back Pain Tennis Elbow   Myofascial Release Chronic Myofascial pain is different from the occasional muscle soreness created by an extra challenging workouts or a weekend of painting. Myofascial pain is ongoing, with pain being sent from sensitive areas known as trigger points in certain muscles or connective tissues to other — seemingly unrelated — areas of your body. Dr. Robert Bennett reports in “Myofascial Pain Syndromes and their Evaluation” for Best Practices Clinical Research Rheumatology that while...

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